About Us

Golden Scouring Sponge is a product of Golden Age Household Products Limited.

We have come to proffer a solution to major problems in the scouring sponge industry in Nigeria. 95% of all scouring sponges in the Nigerian market are imported and the market is flooded with poor quality scouring sponges like metallic scouring sponges that rusts after or sometimes before usage, shreds after first usage and are not reusable, injure users which sometimes leads to infection, etc.

 Today, we at Golden Scouring Sponge produce high quality metal and plastic scouring sponges at affordable rates in Nigeria. Our desire is for every household in Nigeria to have access to standard scouring sponges (Metal and Plastic) at affordable price.


Our vision is for our product to be the first choice of every household and to be the number one scouring sponge producers in Nigeria.


To create quality scouring sponges at affordable rates while we strive to grow our business with honesty and integrity as our watchword.

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